Happy Lohri of 2024

13/01/2024BY Yash

Happy Lohri 2024

Let the warmth of the flame reflect the triumph of light over darkness as we gather to celebrate Lohri in 2024. May the happy beats of dhol reflect the spirit of unity and prosperity. Share the delicacy of rewari and gajak on this auspicious day, honoring the traditions that bind us together. I wish you a very happy lohri which is full of joy, love, and plentiful crops.

Lohri Is the festival where we burn bonfires and it is done after cutting the first crop of the year. It is the main festival of Punjab, and it is celebrated with filled joy and happiness. This year is going to be very exciting and with the fires of Lohri spread blessings upon us.

Happy Lohri 2024 To Everyone!!!!