Essential Guide to a Smooth Indian e-Visa Application

21/11/2023BY Rajeev

India is a very extraordinary country, with diverse cultures and rituals. Here are different kinds of people who speak different languages, and have their own lifestyles of living. The main things noticed by people visiting India are its food and culture. Here is an opportunity for some very delicious food with a mouth-watering blend of spices and flavors that you can have here. Dishes like samosa, jalebi, pav bhaji, bhel puri, etc. Each state of India has its own type of food and flavors. Even if you look in West Bengal you will find fish is mostly eaten by people near the coast. If you go South India you will find idlis and dosas are the main people usually eat. I am stopping here because there are a lot more to come and this article is going to be very lengthy. So, I will take you to how you can apply for an Indian visa from anywhere around the world.

Guide for applying for Indian Visa from different countries.

Here is a guide on how you can get your Indian e-Visa from different countries. If you are staying somewhere and want to get your journey to India. You can do this simply by visiting our website “India Visa Online” and checking in there. You can check eligible countries by just putting your cursor on the “Instructions” column and then clicking on “Eligible countries for Indian E-Visa”. Here you will find each and every country listed from where you can apply for an Indian e-Visa. So if you are a foreign citizen then click on the your country link and there you will be directed to your country page for Indian e-Visa. Read all the compulsory information provided there before applying e-Visa for India. There must be mentioned four types of e-Visas, e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa & e-Conference Visa. According to your need of travel decide the type by your plans. After all, you are ready to fill out an e-Visa application process for India Tour.

Requirements For E-Visa India

For Applying for E-visa India, an individual must carry their passport with at least 60 days of validation and a passport-size photo.Other you need your documents which will be required for e-Visa application process. Then, comes the payment part, you need to pay according to your requirements. Now we have had a brief discussion about the requirements for E-visa Turkey and the e-Visa application process, let’s move forward with essential details.

How to apply for an Indian Visa from anywhere around the world

Step 1: You have to click on the “EVISA APPLICATION” at the top right corner of the website page. After that, you will be directed to the main e-Visa application form page.

Step 2: Here, it will ask you for some essential details like full name, email id, phone number, passport type, arrival & exit time and etc. that you must fill out properly and make sure to manage and make mistakes less. Revise the thoroughly.

Step 3: You will get five options for your e-Visa type a number of entries and a validation period. You must select according to your requirements. Here, we do for e-Tourist Visa and 1 year e-Tourist Visa.

Step 4: Then select the visa subtypes which will include the following activities that you want to perform during your trip to India. Select according to your choice. Click on Next.

Step 5: Now, you have to fill out more important details. These will be your applicant details, passport details, address details, family details & occupation. Fill out and make sure to write correctly. Click on next

Step 6: Then you have three more steps which will include the payment mode. The online payment mod is fully secured by the security systems so no need to worry.

Step 7: There will be a six step verification that you must complete successfully in order to validate your e-Visa application for India.

For more details, you can consult our Indian visa. online team, you can fill out the ‘Contact Us Form’ and wait for our experts will be in touch with you soon.

Here is the list of must-visit destinations in India


Goa is all about sun, sea, and sand, and it’s conceivably the most well-liked vacation spot in India. Fontainhas, the Latin district of Panaji, is a must-see location because of its Portuguese architecture, unique shops and cafés, and seedy bars. Don’t miss the charming Mario Gallery honoring Mario de Miranda, one of India’s most adored cartoonists, or the magnificent Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception from the 17th century.


Bangalore, one of the largest cities in South India, makes up for its lack of expensive attractions with a diverse dining, drinking, and shopping environment. Malls, artisan breweries, restaurants, and cafés abound, particularly in hip neighborhoods like Indiranagar and Koramangala.       


The history of India’s capital city is extensive. The Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Jama Masjid, and Qutb Minar are examples of Mughal-era architecture that coexist alongside colonial-era governmental structures. The various worlds of Delhi collide and coexist, tied together by some of the best food you’ll find in India, from the bustle of Chandni Chowk and Connaught Place to the peacefulness of Lodhi Garden and Sunder Nursery.


Despite being one of India’s main cities, Kolkata seems to move more slowly than other cities. The Victoria Memorial and St. Paul’s Cathedral are only two examples of colonial-era buildings still standing in the erstwhile capital of British India. The iconic Howrah Bridge and its bustling markets, such as the New Market and Mullick Ghat Flower Market, are not to be missed.


Agra is a crucial destination on the Golden Triangle tourist route in India because of the Taj Mahal’s allure. It’s not the only attraction, though; the enormous red sandstone Agra Fort, the moving Akbar’s Mausoleum, and Kinari Bazaar, where you can find everything from clothes and shoes to spices and marble trinkets, are also well worth a visit.


Despite wearing modern clothing, Chennai is still a traditional city. One of the most well-known is the Kapaleeshwarar Temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva. Visit the Government Museum to witness a wonderful collection of South Indian bronzes, and then stroll down Marina Beach, the second-longest urban beach in the world, while the sun sets.


Visit Jallianwala Bagh, a somber memory of India’s freedom struggle, after paying your respects at the tranquil Golden Temple, Sikhism’s most cherished shrine. A portion of this conflict is also poignantly depicted at the neighboring Partition Museum.


In conclusion, India beckons with its rich tapestry of cultures, vibrant traditions, and diverse landscapes. From the sun-soaked beaches of Goa to the bustling streets of Delhi, the historical marvels of Agra to the tranquil Golden Temple in Amritsar, each destination offers a unique experience. The application process for an Indian e-Visa is streamlined, allowing travelers from around the world to embark on this incredible journey. Indulge in the tantalizing array of flavors, explore architectural wonders, and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of a country where every corner tells a story. If you face any query visit our contact us page and we’ll guide you Plan your visit now and let India’s allure enchant you.


Happy Travelling !!!