Indian e-Visa is available for UK nationals again

11/03/2023BY Abbas Mohammad

Indian e-Visa is available for UK nationals again

Here’s what you should know

What is the India e-Visa?

In simple terms, the India e-Visa is a document you can obtain online allowing you to visit India for a set amount of time.

The India eVisa has three subcategories:

Tourist – i.e. recreation, visiting friends/family, attending a short yoga programme
For more on India eVisa subcategories, read: Travelling to India for tourism or business reasons? Here’s your visa application guide

How long before arriving in India do I need to apply for a visa as a British citizen?

The eVisa usually takes four working days to process, but we recommend not to leave it until the last minute in case any complications occur. It’s always better to apply earlier than later!

Who can apply for this visa?
The eVisa for India for UK nationals means that if you or your parents are born in the UK, it’s most likely that you are considered a British citizen and you are eligible to apply for an Indian e-Visa.

Or alternatively, you may have obtained UK citizenship after living in the UK for five years, which now means you can also apply for an India e-Visa for UK nationals.

How can I get my Indian e-Visa?

Requirements for all eligible countries wanting to obtain an India e-Visa are similar.

You can apply online for evisa India for UK and the process to obtain an Indian e-Visa for UK citizens is:

Apply online
Make payment
Receive your e-Visa through email
UK and India flags
As a UK citizen, do I have to go to the Indian embassy if I apply online for an Indian Visa?
The India e-Visa for UK nationals means there’s no need for British citizens to go to the Indian embassy if you apply online!

The Government of India has your e-visa stored in the central computer system, so once you enter India the Immigration Officers can simply access your passport. It’s that simple!

If you have a 30-day Tourist Indian visa, you don’t have an expiry date for when you need to leave India, instead, the date is counted from the date that you enter India noted as the ‘date of expiry of ETA’ on your visa.

Whereas if you have a one-year, five-year, or business visa, the last day you can stay in India is on the visa, and you cannot stay past this date. The last day you can stay is noted as the ‘date of expiry of ETA’ in this case too on the visa.

This can be confusing because for the ‘30-day Tourist Indian visa’ the expiry date is not the ‘date of expiry of ETA.’

So simply remember:

30-day visa – no expiry date on visa, just ensure you enter India before the ‘date of expiry of ETA’
One year/five years/business visa – ensure you leave India by the ‘date of expiry of ETA’
Do I need proof of COVID-19 vaccine or a negative test?
At present, having the COVID-19 vaccine or providing a negative test when you travel to India is not mandatory.

There are also no quarantine requirements once you arrive in India.

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