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Indian e-Visa Requirements

Indian e-Visa Unique visa and one photocopy of international ID data and mark page.

The international ID must be marked, legitimate for a half year past remain in India, with somewhere around two clear identification pages accessible for India visa stamps. Alteration pages in the back of the international ID are not appropriate for Indian visas.

India Visa Application Form:

One marked India visa application structure in addition to one duplicate.

– The explorer must sign their very own visa application structure, and marks on the application must match the mark in the candidate’s identification.

– The Indian visa application structure must be imprinted on two pages, and marked on the two pages. The candidate must sign under the photograph on the primary page, and at the base of the second page.

– This is an online application structure. On the Indian Government site, select the orange catch on the left that says “Ordinary Visa Application” to begin the visa application structure.

– Once you complete the visa application, it would be ideal if you print the structure. Try not to make an arrangement and instalment as of now

If it’s not too much trouble perused the India Visa Application Guide before you start the online visa application structure.

Your international ID will be dispatched back to the location demonstrated on your application under “Present Address.”

Atlanta and San Francisco: All Business and Tourist applications for U.S. international ID holders must request Multiple Entries. Keep in mind this must likewise be reflected in all other documentation

Photograph Requirements:

One late 2 x 2 visa sort photo, in shading, front view and with a plain/white foundation. Or then again – you can transfer a photograph when you submit your request, rather than giving physical international ID photographs.

Different Forms:

Extra Particulars Form

This structure must be printed out, finished and marked by all visa candidates.

Atlanta: Forms must have a physical mark (carefully marked duplicates are not acknowledged).

San Francisco: The office won’t acknowledge frames that are manually written. The Additional Particulars Form must be altogether composed and marked by the candidate. Questions that don’t have any significant bearing to the voyager ought to be addressed explicitly with “no”. The Indian Consulate won’t acknowledge “N/An” or “Not Applicable” or “None” as answers.


Authentication of Incorporation:

Atlanta: (not required)

Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC: Copy of Certification of Incorporation from the intriguing organization in India.

Houston: Copy of Certification of Incorporation from the intriguing organization in India. (CIN number must match CIN number recorded on the welcome letter if appropriate). The declaration of Incorporation must be from a similar express that the welcome letter is originating from.


Letter Of Invitation:

A letter of welcome on organization letterhead from the supporting organization in India. This letter must be marked by a fitting individual in the enticing organization, for example, HR, Executive, or welcoming business contact.

The welcome letter must disclose the relationship to the candidate and the motivation behind movement. Data on this letter must compare precisely with the data gave on the visa application structure and supporting records, and should be marked and fixed on organization letterhead by the host in India.

Houston: Letter of Invitation might be a duplicate. Be that as it may, the Consulate may ask for the first at their caution.

San Francisco: A duplicate of the Invitation Letter is worthy.


Business Cover Letter:

Letter from the business or supporting organization in the United States, on organization letterhead. This letter must be marked by a proper individual in the candidate’s organization, for example, HR, Executive, or direct administrator of the explorer.

The business letter must present the candidate, demonstrate the candidate’s work status/position held in the organization, and obviously express the reason for visit to India. Nitty gritty contact data for the associations to be visited must be incorporated. The business letter should likewise express the legitimacy of visa connected for (1 Year, 5 Year or 10 Year) and show will’s identity monetarily in charge of the candidate. For multi year or multi year asks for, the letter must clarify the requirement for future excursions arranged; visa legitimacy will be allowed at the caution of the office. Data on this letter must compare precisely with the data gave on the visa application structure and every single supporting archive.

The Consulate of India requires an official business letter to help your application. To produce an India Business Cover Letter on-line, just demand this administration and give your data utilizing the basic online structure in your Visa Application Kit, which you will get once you put in your request.

Chicago: If an organization address is incorporated on letterhead, the location must match the visa application structure and should be inside Chicago locale.


Confirmation of State Residency:

An unmistakable photocopy of the candidate’s driver’s permit or state issued ID is the best verification of location. The location on the ID must match the present location on the visa application precisely. On the other hand, the latest significant service charge (Water, Gas, Electric, Sewage), or a duplicate of a substantial/ebb and flow rent containing both the landowner and occupant signature, may likewise be acknowledged.

Houston: If presenting a driver’s permit or ID, it ought to have a base a half year of legitimacy remaining.

New York: If presenting a service bill as verification of location the first is required, a photocopy isn’t acknowledged.


Candidates Under the Age of 18:

San Francisco:

On the off chance that going with a youngster or kids younger than 18, at that point you should give the accompanying extra archives:

Photocopies of the two guardians’ driver licenses and a duplicate of their ebb and flow and legitimate visas’ data pages

Extra points of interest structure. The structure must:   for Indian e-Visa


marked by the two guardians with the definite mark that shows up in their international ID and verification of residency

marked by the minor; if the minor’s age is five or more seasoned

Be fingerprinted by the minor; if the minor is younger than five

The parental assent structure incorporated into this pack. The structure must be marked by the two guardians with the definite mark that shows up in their international ID and evidence of residency and authorized

The visa application structure must:   for Indian e-Visa

Be marked by the minor on the first and second pages of the application structure; if the minor’s age is five years or more seasoned

Be fingerprinted by the minor; if the minor is younger than five

Be marked by the two guardians on the second page with the precise mark that shows up in their visa and confirmation of residency

Be appropriately approved with a legal official stamp and seal on the second page

A photocopy of the minor’s introduction to the world endorsement demonstrating the two guardians’ full names, date of birth and nationality. The birth endorsement must be converted into English. You may likewise give an authenticated government archive from your nation of inception that demonstrates guardians’ names, the minor’s date of birth and nationality

Just for people of Indian source and previous Indian nationals: a birth authentication, a past Indian identification, or a school leaving declaration. It would be ideal if you allude to the “People of Indian Origin Only” area for extra data


Different Requirements:      for Indian e-Visa

Houston: If you are a U.S. resident who was brought into the world abroad, you should give a Consular Report of Birth Abroad endorsement.


Nation of Origin:

For Applicants of Indian Origin: There are extra methodology and visa prerequisites for candidates of Indian birthplace, incorporating candidates conceived in the US to guardians of Indian starting point. If you don’t mind cautiously audit the prerequisites for candidates of Indian cause and incorporate every single fundamental report and expenses with the visa application.

For candidates of Pakistani beginning: Travisa can’t present an Indian visa application for Pakistani residents and candidates of Pakistani cause. These candidates are required to submit visa applications face to face.  for Indian e-Visa

For candidates of Sri Lankan beginning: Additionals structure for Sri Lankan nationals.

For candidates of Bangladeshi beginning: Additionals structure for Bangladeshi nationals.

Atlanta:  U.S. resident that was brought into the world abroad, you should give a Consular Report of Birth Abroad authentication.

This is Travisa’s administration request structure, where you will give your contact and sending data, pick the visa preparing required and make your instalment. You should print the finished structure and send it to Travisa with all other supporting archives.

Snap here for India Consular Fees and Visa Processing Times

Visa Validity:

conceded for 1 year.might be issued for 5 or 10 years at the watchfulness of the office. Explorers must leave India at the very latest the lapse of their visa. Explorers who stay in India past the legitimacy of their visa could confront detainment and huge punishments. In the event that your expected length of remain in India surpasses the legitimacy of your current visa, you should apply for another visa.

Chicago: Pilots can apply for a 1-year visa. The business introductory letter and welcome must express that you are asking for a one-year visa as a pilot.

Washington, DC: Applicants making a trip to India for momentary business, specialised gatherings, and so on must apply for a 1-year visa. 5 and 10-year visas won’t be issued for transient business issues.

Visa Processing Time:


The Consulates of India over the U.S. have declared unspecified visa expense increments compelling April 1, 2017. In view of these progressions the departments have cautioned of the potential for accommodation and handling delays. If it’s not too much trouble consider these defers when getting ready to apply for your visa application.

Houston: The Consulate of India in Houston is encountering handling delays because of high regular volume. Some postponements may happen with the accommodation and get of visa applications. If you don’t mind consider while presenting your visa application.

Register your outing with the US Embassy: n .    for Indian e-Visa

The US State Department emphatically energies American natives arranging worldwide travel to enlist with the US Embassy(s) in the nations they intend to visit. Enlistment tells the US Embassy in every nation of your sightseeing plans and enlists you in the State Department tourism warning and alerts program. Feel progressively safe about your global goes by having Travisa register your excursion with the US Department of State; basically total the structure on your visa application pack subsequent to submitting your request.  for Indian e-Visa


You should show up at the Indian Consulate to process your visa in the event that you are an individual of Pakistani root as well as some time ago held a Pakistani international ID. The department requires extra methodology so as to process your visa and VisaCentral can’t aid these strategies.

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