How to Get an e-Business Visa for India

11/04/2019BY Linda

How to Get an e-Business Visa for India

It is true that the Indian Government plays an important role in enhancing the chances of business travel to India for International candidates through the e-Business visa. By visiting Indian, you can also get e-business visa easily. In this post, you will get to know about how to get an e-Business Visa for India.


The Indian e-Business Visa is one sort of the Indian e-Visa issued online by the Government of India. Non-Indian guests who are searching for business exchange or meetings, setting up modern or business adventures in India or some other comparable sort of business activities inside the nation can apply for the Indian e-Business Visa or Electronic Business Visa through our online visa application framework.


Are You Eligible?

Nationals of 166 countries can apply for Indian e-Business Visa online around the world. Make sure your name comes in the list of eligible countries for Indian Visa.


Indian e-Business visa is carefully issued to the individuals who like to make an excursion to India for conferences or meetings, for example,

  • For technical and business conferences. after that,
  • To set up an Industrial or business adventure. after that, 
  • To deliver lectures under the Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN). after that,
  • For enrollment/recruitment purposes.
  • For exchange or deals/purchases. after that 
  • To take part in, business, trade, or exhibition fairs.


The validity of Indian e-Business Visa

The legitimacy of Indian e-Visa for Business will be 365 days from the date of allowing of ETA.

From this positive change, business travellers are presently permitted different entries utilizing their Indian e-Business Visa. That is a positive thing that you can exploit to promote your business.


What are the Documents Required for Indian e-Business Visa?

Documents required  for  Indian e-Business Visa.

  • A scanned copy of the original & valid passport of the visitor in JPG, PDF, or PNG format and make sure the size of the photograph is not more than 3 MB.
  • A Business Card or you can say visiting card of the traveler .
  • the official letter from the organization which shows the purpose of travel.
  • A recent passport-sized photograph,
  • however, make sure the background of the photograph is white and the size should be a maximum of 3MB.


With e-business visa how long you can stay in India?

The e-Business visa for India is a double entry visa that concedes an all-out remain of as long as 180 days from the date of the first section in India. Qualified residents can get a limit of two e-Visas inside one year. On the off chance that you have to remain in India for over 180 days, you may need to apply for a consular visa. E-Visas for India isn’t extendable.


An e-Business visa holder must land through one of the 24 assigned air terminals or 3 assigned seaports. E-Business visa holders can leave the nation from any of the approved Immigration Check Posts (ICPS) in India. If you need to arrive in India via land or through a port of section you that isn’t in the assigned e-Visa ports you should get a visa at a government office or department.


How will you receive your e-Business Visa?

After that the approval, we will send your e-Business visa through email after that you will receive it within 24-48 hours.


3 Easy Steps to Apply For e-Business Visa

how to apply indian e visa
how to apply indian e visa
  • Visit our website and fill out the application form with correct information. 
  • Make the payment online by using credit/debit card or PayPal. after that ,
  • Check your email, you will receive your e-business visa via email.