How To Get an E-Medical Visa For India

How To Get an E-Medical Visa For India

If you are suffering from a medical condition and would have to like treatment done in India, the offer e-medical visas for candidates from other countries. It is true that the cost of medical treatment in India is much cheaper than elsewhere and there is an extreme talent and world-class facilities in India. In this post, we are going to explain How To Get A Medical Visa For India and the entire application process.


Why Get An Indian e-Medical Visa?

There are so many answers to this question. First, In India, there are so many medical specialists who are well-qualified and experienced in this domain. In addition to this, there is no waiting period.


You can pick which specialist you need to see and as long as he’s free, you can get a counsel from him/her. Unlike in the USA, where you have to visit a health care provider and wait for a long time to an appointment for a Doctor “in the system”.  because In India, there is no consultant. 


For Special treatment for diseases like Heart, Kidney, Cancer, and so on, there are world reputed emergency clinics in India and getting an e-Medical visa is one of the best ways to get great quality treatment. In short, getting an Indian e-Medical Visa is a perfect decision because-

  • Own Choice of Doctor
  • World class & Effective treatment.
  • 2 Blood relatives also allowed.
  • The fraction of cost.
  • Up to one-year treatment.


Who Can Apply For Indian E-Medical Visa?

An e-Medical Visa is given to patients looking for medical treatment in renowned specific emergency clinics/treatment centers in India.


The emergency clinic that you are applying for must be affirmed by the Government of India to have the capacity to issue a visa. Up to two individuals are permitted to go with the candidate and they should be the blood relatives of the patient.


Likewise, their visas will be independent of the patient’s and are called Medical Attendant visas, although they have a similar legitimacy as the patient’s e-medical visa.

  • Applicant(patient) must have proposals or references for particular treatment based on Preliminary medical checkup.
  • treatment from the Medical specialists of starting origin/residence country. Get official reports of recommendation from the Doctors there.
  • The treatment ought to be noteworthy in nature, for example, neurosurgery, heart medical procedure, gene therapy,  joint replacement, organ transplant, quality treatment, and plastic medical procedure.
  •  children/adult/married people should be attendant or those having blood relations with the patient.
  • permission for multiple attendants  is not available


In this way, whoever has an original and valid passport from their nation, and have a medical condition clinically reported and acknowledged by a recognized Medical organization can apply for an Indian e-medical visa, along with two blood relatives (records need to give to demonstrate blood relations).


For What Medical Conditions Can You Get an Indian E-Medical Visa?

Serious diseases like heart-related problems, congenital disorders, ophthalmic disorders, radiotherapy, gene therapy, joint replacement, neurosurgery, renal disorders, organ transplantation, and plastic surgery are eligible to apply for an Indian e-Medical visa.


The procedure of Getting Indian E-Medical Visa

  • In the first step, fill the Visa application form.
  • Fill up the entire details given in the form and ensure that the information
  • you filled is correct and take a print out copy of the application.
  • Collect all the documents mentioned below.
  • Visit Indian embassy nearby you
  • Submit your application with all required list of documents
  • as suggested by the Embassy and then wait for a few days. You will get your visa within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Once you receive the visa approval then plan your travel.


Documents Required For Indian E-Medical Visa

  • 6 months valid passport
  • A photocopy of your passport
  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Proof of your Residential Address
  • Passport copy of attendant (for Attendant visas)
  • Recommendation from home nation specialist to visit a specific particular medical organization for treatment
  • Copy of online Visa application form
  • Proof of relationship with attendant (for Attendant visas)
  • In last You must submit Medical reports from your medical specialist


How Long  Indian E-Medical Visas Issued And Can You Get Extensions?

Issued for one year . The time validity is similar for Medical attendant visas. You can get the extension, in case you need more time for your treatment. thats why The process for online application is the same.


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